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HARDCORE ASIAN TITFUCK AND PUSSY POUNDING FUN WITH A WILD THAI STUNNER Welcome back guys and gals, for another installment of debaucherous behavior. From right in the heart of Bangkok! Meet Nana B. She rocks from Pattaya but has been working in Bangkok for a few years. Calls it “home”, for now. Mr Mario had set up a pre-arranged fuck with her through the interwebs and the moment that he approached her at their predetermined meetup spot, he knew it was her. Just by the slutty look of that thick ass in her glorious dress – and all that boobage that’s ripe and ready for Asian titfuck fun! Getting a clearer view of her face, it was confirmed. Matches the picture! ...Read Less Let’s cut to the chase here, this girl came horny and ready to play. Nana jumped at the chance of a large white raging cock pounding at her bits and tits. Smelling so damn pretty, wearing that slutty dress, and the way she smiled at him proved that this wasn’t just about fucking Tuk Tuk Patrol for her. It was also about getting some white rod rammed up her cooch in ways that she just can’t get from local fare. And to take a chance at some Asian titfuck fantasies coming true. No point getting titfucked by a local Vienna-sized sausage, right? With the VIP tuk tuk waiting around the corner, these two were off to the villa. Groping her big Asian boobs, en-route, both could hardly wait to play with each other. NANA CAME WITH NO BRA ON UNDERNEATH HER DRESS AND A BIG OL PAIR OF BOOBS The second the camera starts rolling at the room and dude hardly gets a chance to finish his first sentence, Nana whips her dress right off and reveals that she had no bra on. And – she was rocking a pair of surgically-enhanced boobs that looked so damn real. Hell… they even felt real, according to Mr Mario. It’s not all about the tits here, though. Nana then quickly turned around and gave us ample views of that beautiful full-sized ass before the Asian titfuck action started. You can just tell – this girl KNOWS she has the goods and she uses the visions of such to the fullest extent of her seduction. In a world where just having the parts and the ‘go-ahead’ to use them would suffice, this is much appreciated by us here. A1 attitude, body, and fuck. Sit back, unzip, and prepare yourself for a fun and hardcore adventure. Chock full of deep dick sucking, titty fucking pleasures, and hammering that wanton Thai pussy all over that damn hotel room. Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!