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THIS BEAUTY AND HER SHAVED ASIAN SNATCH ARE EAGER TO PLEASE Watch her slippery shaved Asian snatch get wet at the very thought of satisfying any big foreign white cocks that come her way! ...Read Less Hey everyone! Back again with another great update for Tuktuk Patrol. This time, Mr. Naughty and Mr. Nice plunked themselves down at a little restaurant just outside of a dance studio, just in time for the classes to let out. Mr Nice is always working an angle to get his friend laid. We all need friends like this. A true wing-man! Low and behold, they didn’t have to wait long before a leggy-lookin’ stunner in stockings walked into the restaurant. After convincing her to sit down with them (honestly didn’t take much, at all) she soon confessed that yes, she is a dancer, but it’s definitely not the ballerina kind. Unless there was a memo out that we didn’t know of, ballerinas don’t usually go naked and “off everything”, as she so quickly put it. They do, however, have high chances of a shaved Asian snatch! We have to admit, her undaunted self-assured demeanor was quite a turn on as she made quick work of Mr. Naughty’s meal and receptively enjoyed his advances. Still chowing down on her free meal, the boys quickly hatched a plan to get her back to the villa and stuff that shaved Asian. In fact, she left the boys in her dust as she scurried out to the tuktuk to continue their chance-encounter. Eager one, isn’t she? Oh, it only gets better. THAI BABE ALWAYS STARVING FOR MORE AND MORE COCK! When asked how long ago she had sex, she half-nervously but excitedly replied “Just 10 minute ago!” *clang* You could almost hear jaws hitting the tuktuk’s floor. Least now we now know why she was so hungry! Well, no ice-breaking or tip-toeing needed here anymore guys… the conversation quickly turned sexual, which only made the sexual tension in that tuktuk that much more apparent. So thick and impatient, it could be cut with a knife as she excitedly and impatiently swayed her legs open and closed showing off her shaved Asian snatch, offering up an ample suggestion at just how naughty of a scene Kandi will soon make for all of you. Are those cum stains on her stockings? Once back at the villa, more suspect stains were found. Dirty! Our kind of girl. I personally could hardly wait at this point. Watch the entire scene now!