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CUTE & PETITE ASIAN FUCK DOLL GOES FROM SHY & CURIOUS TO ALL-OUT DRIPPING WITH SEX MOVES Welcome back ladies, gents, deviants and rockstars alike! We hope that your summer has been treating you all very well, despite all the lockdowns, social distancing and craziness in the world. To take your minds all off the world for just a moment in time, we present to you our latest submission featuring a playful, cute, short and super-horny lil’ damsel that John Tron sent us from his travels to Thailand. Lock your doors, drop the blinds and grab a towel because this is a long 60-minute petite Asian fuck video! Meet 19 year old Nate (pronounced na-tay), met while out shopping for gifts and opportunities and man, was it ever an opportunity that presented herself to him. Read More ...Read Less Looking almost sad in her own boredom, he first spots Nate leaning over a glass railing and looking delicious as she impatiently waits for someone that doesn’t come. Of course, being the white knights that we are, a plan was quickly put into motion to see if this girl might need some rescuing. Almost getting away from him at first approach, he soon catches up to her and sparks up a difficult conversation (no English & quiet – just how we like ’em) and offers to help her any way that he can, before exchanging social media and offering to give her a ride. Whether she understood a word of it is up in the air but what she did understand was that a tall white worldly-looking bloke is showing the utmost interest in her and if she plays her cards right, this petite Asian fuck slut would be getting white dick here real soon! Trust us, honey, that’s the intention 😈 WITH HER CLOTHES STILL ON, NATE SOON WAS SWALLOWING HIS MEAT (THROAT DEEP!) Using the help of a translator app off-camera, the two were soon right off to the hotel room for an epic shoot and petite Asian fuck movie that we are confident will raise not only your undivided attention but also the “meat” of your interaction with Tuk Tuk Patrol. Dolled out and dressed up for her PR position, we come to find out she was on her way from work and that this beauty is no stranger to posing for the camera. Though, maybe not in such an exposing way as seen here haha! After taking many poses of her around the hotel room, flashing her upskirt see-through panties and cute soft little boobs, very little time was wasted before she put mouth to man. With her work clothes still on, this sexy 1st-time petite Asian porn amateur little businesswoman fulfilled every carnal obligation that her desperate little hormones have been begging for ever since she met our man here. WATCHING THIS PETITE ASIAN FUCK AND SUCK WAS LIKE WATCHING SOMEONE POLISH A HITCH BALL, NO LIE! What followed next was the epitome of a cum-tactular display of wanton sexy disregard for her pussy, bed springs and shame. Between what appears to be starfishing (for her, lost in pleasure) at the end of our man’s raging cock… to climbing aboard and grool-shining his entire shaft with rigorous fits of grinding and pounding at any angle that she can muster until taking his deep hard-pounding creampie load on her back with tits up and her legs in the air. This beautiful Thai babe did it all while still rockin’ those sexy heels, a can-do attitude and still hardly a word uttered. Like I said, just how we like ’em! Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!