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A DEADLY-CUTE YOUNG ASIAN MOM DRAINS EVERY OUNCE OF CUM Not only is this young Asian mom a real stunner to look at, but she still has the body of a 20 year old and moves to go with it! Read More ...Read Less Hey guys, welcome back for another instalment of pleasure from Thailand. John was waiting at a bus stop and noticed a cutie sporting a big smile. She was all done up for a good time but in simple clothes. Cute. He quickly said hello, sparked up a quick conversation and offered to take photos of her. Clothes started being removed and special attention paid to her legs, shape and pose. Small tits with big nips. She’s a vision of fertility with a fairly slim build, yet still dough-like and soft. Our impressions are not far off, turns out, as this nearly-nude temptress was no longer able to keep her dirty secret at bay much longer. We spot a c-section scar proving that she’s a fresh little young Asian mom. All at only 20 years old! SHE’S CUTE, YOUNG AND SPORTING A PHAT LIL’ ASS - WHAT A CATCH THIS YOUNG ASIAN MOM TURNED OUT TO BE! After oral exchanges leaving this poor young lady that’s never seen a white cock before fearing for her vaginal life, watch the first touch of his ranging hardon ramp up to a full-steam cervical-punching regime. John put her through all the hoops. And man, it barely fits! Despite this girl being like a sex-starved young Asian mom deer caught in the headlights of large cock-dom, this was one hell of a canvas to practice John’s art upon and left her scrambling for the shower after a nice long hard fuck left her with a steaming pile of jizz seeping from her crevice. Damn we love horny mommies!