Chubby Thai Babe Opens Up Like a Can Of Whores - TukTuk Patrol

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HOT LIL’ BITCH WITH TIGHT CHUBBY THAI CURVES AND AMAZING DICK-SUCKING SKILLS I hope the ghouls and goblins of Halloween didn’t scare you too much but if you have any heart left to abuse, here’s a scene that will surely get your ticker knockin’ lifters in little time. Read More ...Read Less Mr Nice sent in another great feature that he filmed while out hunting for pussy with his new stickman, Bailey. Anyways, this thick-arsed chubby Thai beauty came strolling along when she suddenly spotted these two blokes. It was like a seagull spotting lot-fries at McD’s. One long look, swaggerin’ hips and desperately making sure that she was noticed. Bitches be trippin’ when they spot Mr ‘Tall White And Money’, right?! Oh we see you, Honey! Right there, everybody knew where this was going. NEVER SEEN A GIRL SO EAGERLY TRY TO THROAT PUNCH HERSELF WITH A DICK LIKE THIS BEFORE! From bragging about sexual abilities, to how much she loves sex-related activities and talking about ‘customers’, she quickly painted a dirty picture of herself that not only created pressure-issues within these boys’ trousers but also ended up causing a coffee-spitting mess on our screens here at the office when she suddenly blurts out “I want to eat your sperm!”… and minutes later proving she wasn’t joking one bit. Though, she did get more on her face than in her mouth in the end, haha.