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THAI GIRL NEXT DOOR GETS HER HAIRY CUM-HOLE FILLED UP Funky fresh cock-pit and gloriously round perky boobs. A redneck’s Thai girl next door paradise. Read More ...Read Less Welcome back everyone! This week on Tuktuk Patrol, John’s search started off a lot easier thanks to a message from Kiwi. She wrote asking John if he’d like to meet up with a good friend of hers. In this situation, when pussy gets recommended by past pussy it’s usually a good thing! So how could anyone say “no”? With a little help from a tuktuk driver, John finally got to meet the lovely Aom. Coming from farmland just outside of Bangkok, Aom had a pretty Thai girl next door face, an enticing pair of tits and a killer pair of legs. John was already excited by the realization of what the night would bring. Luckily, being recommended to him by a friend like this, Aom also was well aware of what she was getting herself into! There was no need for sweet-talking or trickery to get her back to the hotel room. Within no time John had her wrapped around his pork-sword, and thrilled to get a foreign white cock. THIS FARM GIRL’S PUSSY SURE KNOWS HOW TO MILK A COCK DRY! Aom’s truly a Thai girl next door type, as evident by her body and that “look” she gives! She’s truly a diamond in the rough. She’s happy, horny and was excited to be with this foreigner, she patiently posed for the photographs and let John slowly take her clothes off for each shot. She had nice boobs, a slim, yet curvy figure and an ass that was perfectly round. It was so perfect that John couldn’t wait to get his clothes off and plunged his manhood into her from behind! There’s something exciting about slowly taking off a girl’s clothes and fucking her at sight of her ass. We were actually surprised that John was able to slow himself down before he went to far, and got some head. She gave a nice, slow blowjob. She really loved to tease with her tongue!