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CHECK OUT FON’S FABULOUS ASIAN BOOBS, DELICIOUS PHAT ASS AND A TIGHT HAIRY MUFF This beautiful knockout was more than willing to offer up those amazing asian boobs and give whitey the time of his life! Read More ...Read Less Welcome back guys, gals n’ everything in between! This week, John headed out to a new favorite hunting ground of his at a local park. Was it Lumphinee park or something? I couldn’t quite make it out. He spotted one, almost immediately, standing near a tree. She was trying to look busy but this girl really only looked desperate to meet a foreigner. She noticed him pretty quick, herself, and she immediately smiled at him. It turns out that this girl wanted to spark up a conversation. John wanted to spark up a conversation about her splendid Asian boobs. In any other part of the world, this would net any man a slap across the face. Here in Bangkok, it could land him the sound of pussy slapping down hard on your cock. Welcome to paradise! “DAM, HOPE MAH HOLE CAH DO DIS!” We soon discover that although her Asian boobs are not as big as we thought they would be once uncovered. These boobs were large enough, still. They still swang, swayed and bounced in all stages of copulation! She also has an amazing venus-shaped ample body (and nice phat shapely ass to match it) that only begs more and more to be touched and stuffed by the man with the trouser ham. Inspecting further, you can’t help but notice that muff. Yes, perfect for catching that creampie before it hits the sheets but even better, so tight that Fon here questions if it would even fit his girth.