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GOLF’S SHAVED ASIAN PUSSY IS A THING OF BEAUTY - PERFECT IN EVERY WAY John’s hopes were to find a real prim and proper mall girl to take back to the hotel and fuck on film for Tuktuk Patrol. Read More ...Read Less Hopes that were not dashed, in the least. Here we present to you his latest Bangkok trophy, named Golf. Interesting name, even more interesting body. Once back at the hotel, we got to see just how flattering, dick-warming and beautiful her entire body was. With wonderful soft boobs pouring out of her top (with big hard nipples, I might add - perfect for sucking!) and an amazing tight lil’ ass. What’s more is that it was cute as hell with just how shy she was showing her shaved Asian mound. Still - she wanted to go “all the way”. SHE COULD NOT KEEP HER SHAVED ASIAN SNAPPER FROM WANTING HIM INSIDE OF HER It only gets better as more and more of her attire disappears and more and more of her holes get plundered! She LOVED to pose and the attention given to her only loosened her inhibitions even further. Despite her utter shyness. That’s OK, we like the sexy silent type, too. Log in (or sign up) to get access to the full videos today. You’re going to want to see this and get access right to the video downloads!