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NOT ONLY IS NEWCY THAI BACK, BY TOTAL ACCIDENT, TURNS OUT SHE’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL HERE Welcome back everybody. If you’re asking yourself “Where have I seen this face before??”, you’re not alone. It quickly dawned on us here after watching the first few minutes of the video here that we’ve met this one before! That’s right, it’s hot Thai girl New! Turns out her name is actually Newcy Thai! Small fucking world, isn’t it? Read More ...Read Less While you poor bastards in the Western US states are getting blanketed in a fuck-ton of snow, we’re over here in the land of smiles and doing what we do best. Picking up, filming and pounding the fuck out of real Thai pussy right here in Bangkok! It just so happens, that we’re about to get blown away by one of Tuktuk Patrol‘s biggest coincidences to date! We first got ahold of her when our friend Marcus wanted to show us how things are done - and done well, they were! Here, however, the Big Mac was out on the prowl and found her at a swanky-looking shopping mall. Of course, it was almost too simple picking Newcy Thai up. Even simpler to invite her back to the hotel. Newcy here QUICKLY put two and two together to realize what was, once again, about to go down! Camera flipped out at the hotel, it was like she was not even surprised by the fact that Tuktuk Patrol had snagged her a 2nd time! Word does travel fast around these parts about what we do but when it’s the same girl twice… there’s ZERO hesitation. They know a good time when they’ve had one, and Tuktuk Patrol is more than just a good time, it’s an AMAZING time. It seems too that Newcy Thai is a bit of a big deal around these parts. She’s quite sought-after in the online xxx porn-surfers world over here. So sit back, lock the front door and grab a towel. Press play and see how good the action gets when she’s back again to prove she’s just as good (if not better) than the last time she’s put her tattoo-covered brown little fucking machine body to good use! Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.