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CHECK OUT JOHN’S LATEST UPLOAD WITH THIS PETITE THAI TEEN MODEL! When a cute petite Thai teen with an arse-end like this is at your door, you answer the fucking thing! Read More ...Read Less Welcome back, guys n gals! We all just came back from a nice cruise down the coast on a speed boat when we got a text from John, saying that he just uploaded a new scene for you all. So, here I am with a stunner to one side of me and Mr Nice to the other side of me and parked at his dock… scrambling to get this update to you as fast as possible! This week, we have a wonderful 19yo petite Thai teen, named Bell, that he found through a modelling agency friend of his. With these kinds of girls, you just know it’s going to be good 🙂 Overall, Bell was a bit shy about the whole thing. She is likely used to a team of professionals working on her makeup, cloths and poses. Whereas here, she’s faced with a tall white tourist sporting a huge boner and a camera where his eyes should be. It seemed to all go well, though, else we would not be talking about it here. WHAT A KILLER BODY - ASS SO FINE AND NIPS DARK LIKE WINE! Once the clothing began to drop, we soon learned that this petite Thai teen was sporting one hell of a soft hairy pussy that is bushy at the top and 100% naturally bald at the bottom. Add into that a killer-cute lil’ perky bubble butt and tiny tits with these dark and delicious little nipples and we have a winner! We especially loved her little moans with each thrust into her tight warm cock-pit. Of which, of course, only led up to her tight crevices getting filled with John’s liquid enthusiasm. Just look at that frothing creampie mess oozing out from that hole! You just know there was little room for anything to stay in there. Epic. Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny! Join the members area now to download our videos content!