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SO CUTE, WE COULDN’T RESIST THIS SLUTTY ASIAN TEEN BABE’S YEARNINGS! Welcome back, boys and girls. Petite Asian fuck puppet Nate is back for another installment of what could easily be mistaken for a real-life episode of ‘overly-attached-girlfriend’ (from meme-fame) – but with a slutty Asian teen twist! The difference being, we actually want them back and becoming obsessed with our meat-rockets! Especially when they are cute, horny, and cock-climbing as she is 😊. Read More ...Read Less Of course, this is not to be confused with wanting to be tied down. This slutty Asian teen knows it’s all about fun, and not about happily-ever-after. Even if it is the 3rd “date”, there is no future other than our man with the cum-gun here moving on to the next piece of hotel bed meat. We won’t spoil the action with what goes on, other than to say that this girl clearly doesn’t mind spending time putting in as much work as that sweet ass of hers gets. If you like tiny but chubby asses, scantly-clad erotic DEEP blowjobs and multi-position fucking… you’ll agree that this is one update that is perfect for capping off this beautiful but naughty trilogy of cum for our slutty Asian teen sweetie Nate here. Press play, sit back and lose a load or two. Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny! Click here to explore parts 1 and 2.