Asian Spinner Turns Human Jungle Gym - TukTuk Patrol

Channel: TukTuk Patrol

FERAL IN HER DESIRES, WATCH AS THIS ASIAN SPINNER WINS THE BIG COCK CHALLENGE! Oh snap fellas! Have we got an update for you this time around! Mr Mario is back at it again with another epic adventure for all you fans of Tuk Tuk Patrol. This skinny Asian spinner will surely rank high on your must-fap-to list. When we say she’s the human jungle gym, you can bet that this is going to be a beautiful sight chock full of wildly acrobatic adventures. ...Read Less He tells us this girl was set up with him through text and sent a few pics after seeing Mr Mario’s equipment on our site. This was a challenge that she was eager to take. He agreed to meet up with her and within seconds, they were off to go fuck. If only all blind dates were this easy 🙂 She already knew what his intentions were and it was clear. Especially clear by how nonchalant and cute-fun she was in their conversation. A natural hot Asian spinner next door. Like a skater girl style to her – but pretty and simple. She also had this eager anticipation about her. She was getting wet – and you could tell. And we’re only talking 10 seconds into the ride down the road here haha Though looking awkward when silent in hot traffic, her curiosity about trying another ‘farang’ was far outweighing any reason to not hang onto and squirm for Mr Mario’s every word. Once back at the hotel room, though, it’s like she lit right up within the comforts of air conditioning. And privacy to get out of those shorts and into his sexual crosshairs. What follows next is an Asian spinner hookup that is nothing short of a perfectly fun, adventurously horny party-girl affair that could easily be described as magical. This scene perfectly shows what we at Tuk Tuk Patrol all want to find when out cruising for pussy on the mean streets of Bangkok. It has everything from classic-styled fucking on her back, dick rammed into her tonsils, and the usual flare… but also wild fucking at the edge-of-the-bed, in-bed side-pounding, Asian spinner style cock-riding, and standing up to take it in glorious fashion for us all to see – mid fucking air! Finishing with a sticky situation that arises itself all over that still-horny smile of hers. Queue the shower, where their fun quite possibly continues for round 2… but without us. Hey, we can’t have it all 🙂 Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!