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FELL INTO THE CROSSHAIRS OF ANOTHER HOT THAILAND PORNSTAR AND WE CAUGHT IT ALL ON FILM! Welcome back guys and gals, for a very interesting and colorful update for you all. This time, it’s a wild meet-up with none other than Thailand pornstar Soda Thai. It’s been quite often now that these stars reach out to us and offer their skills up for the test. Especially with how famous we are becoming amongst the sexually free across Thailand. It’s to a point now that our social media pages are getting tagged by Thai pornstar babes. All of them teasing us and flat out proclaiming “I want to fuck you”. We are more than up to the task of giving them a big ol’ taste of what Tuk Tuk Patrol has to offer! ...Read Less It’s a smart business move on their parts, getting all your eyes on what they have to offer. It’s also a sense of pride Thailand pornstar babes have with them knowing that they’re fuck-approved by the only authority on Thai porn that matters, us! Soda here is no different, other than the fact that this girl could probably teach us a thing or two on fucking with style and pizazz. Soda saw how our boys fuck and wanted some of that pleasure for her own greedy needs. She’s definitely the most colorful Thailand pornstar to grace our screens here. And she comes dressed for her ‘sex party of 2’ with a funky style quite like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Clothes on or off, you know this girl is built for staying up late and could possibly drain every ounce out of you. A FLUTTER IF PUSSY RUBBING, DICK SUCKING, AND PUSSY POUNDING MADNESS The moment that the two got back to the room, it was like her body just couldn’t wait. Soda wanted to get ahold of that big white cock as she stripped down. It definitely shows in the action from start to finish. All of which is peppered with fluttering fingers of desire and sensual self-love. Watch as our man Mr Mario feeds this eager Thailand pornstar a raging boner to chow on. Revel in how he subsequently pummels her wanton hole until she’s found proudly wearing that eventual impending load of jizz across her chest. Which she was more than pleased to rub into her neck and heaving bust like it’s a cherished heirloom moisturizer. It is almost cult-like in her satisfaction. Soda definitely left our man pleased and quite proud of himself, too. Welcome to the club, Soda! Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!