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HOT THAI GIRL IN TIGHT SHORTS PICKED UP, SENSUALLY FUCKED AND GIVEN A CUM-BATH! Mr Nice brings us an episode with a new bloke, named Marcus, that wrote in to try his might. Update: She has returned and turns out, her name is NEWCY! Read More ...Read Less Of course, we had to put this bloke to the test and see if he had what it takes. Mr Nice basically set him loose in the red light district and pointed out the first cutie that he saw. Honing in like hawk spotting it’s prey, Marcus quickly put his attention on the hot Thai girl in jean shorts before they headed across the street to try and get lucky. - And get lucky they did! What followed next was an exciting display of sexual curiosity and satisfaction. New couldn’t stop staring intently at his manhood in every moment of their sexual embrace and deep curious penetrations. It’s like she was burning a mental image of her ideal Thai porn into her spank-bank. All while intently watching her honeypot stretch around his girth. This hot Thai girl knew exactly how to manhandle his engorged cock, too, which only kept the action even more interesting… especially on top! This, my friends, is where New really shined. Slow, sensually, touchy-feely and deeply… ramping up in ferver to end with… A DEVASTATING PYROCLASTIC CUM-FLOW ERUPTING ON HER FACE AND SPILLING ONTO HER PERKY BODY Feeling accomplished, pleasured and needing to give that now-sore pussy a rest, New enjoyed him in her mouth. With a fullshaft handy-blowjob that soon milked every ounce of juice he could muster into her too-small and cum-begging mouth, she showed her appreciation the best way she knew how.