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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING HAIRY ASIAN FUCKED HARD Hey all, welcome back! This week, we have a special episode for you with one of our very own Tuktuk Patrol members, Josh! On the prowl. ...Read Less It was not long before spotting two lovely birds walking along a car-park when Mr. Nice pushed Josh out of his comfort zone and gave him the idea to approach the sexy girl in pink. Success. She had it all, a pretty face, killer legs, big puppy-dog “fuck-me” eyes, tall, lean and incredible lips! After breaking the ice with initial contact, Mr. Nice took over the conversation a bit and began to show Josh the ropes of what to say. Offer her a ride home, offer a bite to eat then the whole “I forgot my wallet at the hotel” routine right in front of her! She never even clued in at all, haha! To be honest, I think this girl was even shyer than Josh and was purely mesmerized by his physical appearance. Josh’s own excitement was more than brewing and he couldn’t wait to fuck her hairy Asian snapper. Let me just get this out of the way before we get onto the action. I am totally in love with Mary and 100% jealous of Josh’s opportunity here. This hairy pussy is an opportunity like no other. Flawless, beautiful, perfect skin, beautiful little bush and disrobes at the drop of a hat. Truly putty in Josh’s hands and something worth seeing! If ever a pickup would be girlfriend-worthy, she is it! Josh helped her out of her outfit with zero resistance. Neither of these two could wait to get naked and have her hairy Asian hole filled with Josh’s big white cock!