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SEE THIS 44-MINUTE VIDEO OF A CUM-CRAZY ASIAN WIFE CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND NOW! Welcome back guys and gals! This time, we have a super-sexy 22yo Asian wife cheating on her man with our boy Tron here. The truth is that this one was hard to categorize because she’s absolutely cute but also totally a knockout classy-looking lil’ mommy at the same time! A girl-next-door meets pro-babe type of look going on. Her tits were not natural but with a girl of this caliber, one can easily forgive and lose their minds with such a beauty edging herself to pleasure on your rocket – especially when she shouldn’t be! Read More ...Read Less Being one of our longer episodes (44-minutes) from John, you’ll surely appreciate just how sexy this girl looks when disrobing, posing and showing off her body. Though sporting a shy and guilty-looking demeanor, you could also tell just how badly she was wanting to sexually “express” herself for the camera. And most importantly, for this tall white smooth-talking bloke that just randomly stepped up and asked to take her for a drive in the Tuk Tuk! Classic move. Hardly ever fails! Dressed for success, we assume the girl to be a typical office worker or some type of clothing store saleswoman just leaving her shift. Upon further inspection, quite later into the photo session and stripshow, we see that she’s a hot but shy lil momma’ with a well-recovered body and augmented tits. In our minds, these ballons (and ring on her finger) could only be explained by a not-so-local hubby that may still be waiting for her back at home. The whole Asian wife cheating on foreign husband angle only excites the situation more and when man-meat gets pushed to baby-maker, she’s given the gracious opportunity to unleash a tirade of pleasure. For her and all of us here at Tuk Tuk Patrol. Shamefully bearing womb down on his staff, we’re treated to a spectacle of thrusts that lead straight into a deep 1st creampie on her back, to soon riding on top and damn near draining every last ounce of his life force left. Straight into her quietly orgasming cum-drinking pussy hole! And still with that sexy guilt-ridden look across her face. There’s just something about a young Thai MILF enjoying a cheating creampie… Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!