Asian Beaver Spread And Filled With Jizzy Ambitions - TWICE! - TukTuk Patrol

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YOU DON’T SEE PRISTINE ASIAN BEAVER LIKE NOK’S EVERY DAY! Welcome back guys and gals! This week, we have a real treat of an Asian beaver for you. Coming to you from right in the heart of Bangkok. And boy, is she ever made for this sort of thing! Read More ...Read Less We’re not quite sure what the backstory is on how Mr Mac came to be in this lil’ Asian beaver’s company but we get started with a shy Tuktuk ride back to his hotel. Holding her hand, we can tell that she’s definitely shy - but also blushingly curious and receptive to our man’s advances. Her English is not the best. In fact, most of their conversing was done in her native tongue. Which, to our uses… is perfectly fine with us! I mean, we’re after her beaver - not testing her language skills. EASY-GOIN BUT NOT SURE, AT FIRST, NOK QUICKLY JUMPS IN “HEAD” FIRST AT 1ST SIGHT OF DICK Once back at the room, we are quickly treated to an exploration of her 26yo bits and pieces, much like you would peruse over all the features of a shiny new motorcycle. Except that this ride, rides back! (As you’ll soon see). With her Asian beaver spread wide and comfortable in the chair, we get right down to the meat of this story; her already dripping wet Thai hairy pussy hole! This exploration of her body, though, quickly tuns to her wide-eyed curiosity admiring HIS bits and pieces in return. Slap a “Sold” sticker on it and give this girl a helmet ’cause bitch about to get all sorts of juicy in this one! WITH AN ASIAN BEAVER SO SNUG, SHE QUICKLY RECOVERS HIS EARLY INJECTION FOR MORE After a careful foray of dick-swallowing admiration (the concentrated look on her face, priceless!), our man here flips her over and returns the favour. Leaving her moist and wanton Asian beaver nearly heaving for his meat rocket. With such silky insides, honest-to-goodness drippy joy and snug little squeezy moans, dude here was unable to resist the urge to blow at high dough - within mere minutes. But don’t worry, like we said before, she’s made for this sort of thing and without skipping a beat, he plunged right back in to shoot for another hairy Asian creampie filling - with her on top this time and giving his dick NO mercy! Atta girl! Until next time, guys. Stay happy and stay horny!