Two Blokes Manhandle Tall Thai Girl Out For A “Walk” - TukTuk Patrol

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TALL THAI GIRL WALKS AROUND BANGKOK WITH A WET PUSSY, GETS PICKED UP AND MANHANDLED BY TOURISTS! Happy New Years and welcome back again, guys! This time, the boys were standing around looking like streetside tourists when a tall Thai girl with lanky legs started walking up the sidewalk. Read More ...Read Less Quickly, Francis barricaded her path with his masculinity and asked what she was doing. “Working”. Fuck - this was already in the bag. Soon, they asked her to join them in the tuktuk for a drive and some shopping. As soon as rubber met the road, though, the boys were haulin’ ass back to the villa with the usual flirty antics and excused to go home. All in search of the wallet that keeps getting forgotten at home. It was a plan that’s been tried and thoroughly tested on Tuktuk Patrol. It works every time! SELF-ADMITTEDLY, MAI ALREADY SOAKED HER JEANS BEFORE THEY EVEN MET HER Once in the room, Mai here was warmed up to Francis and quite chummy with her new “boyfriends”. The prospects of being sexually mauled by two horny blokes was more than her inhibitions could withstand, as seen before in this boy-boy-girl 3some. 1 minute later and topless, this beauty was already having her rock-hard nipples sucked, probed and fondled by any man within reach of them. And she was enjoying every second of it! Or maybe it was just the shopping trip that she was promised. The boys both took turns keeping her mouth busy and Francis made damn sure that pussy got properly fucked, despite throwing a rubber into things. All before finally sending her off to the showers,  covered in cum and happy with herself. The pleasure was written all over her face and we here are all quite happy with how this turned out.