Puy, Phuket, 18 years old [Nov 13, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

Channel: Asian Suck Dolls

This week’s Asian Suck Dolls episode features 18 year old Puy. Schoolgirl Puy is a young teen Thai girl looking for extra money for her books. Perfect, the Asian Suck Dolls financial aid office is open for business! I invited the cute Thai girl in to offer her an idea on how she could get a few extra baht to achieve her goal. Well she wasn't surprised to know that in order to continue her education that she would need to study my book worm closely. If I didn’t know any better I’d guess Puy has sucked many cock’s in her life to get her upscale education. In fact im pretty sure she’s taking blowjobs 101 at her university…and most likely at the top of her class. My cock only wanted a few minutes of being inside her sweet mouth before finally shooting a nice white facial across her student face. Seriously the facial ending in this episode is epic! Join now to see it all!