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Look who’s back! Dar, the sex starved Thai Teen  is back for another helping of sperm! So how did I find this expert Asian cocksucker? Quite simple really: in Bangkok, there’s a weekly Cumaholics Anonymous group that gets together every week that’s mainly comprised of young and horny Thai girls wanting to cure their addiction of cock. I first met Dar there, and I’ve been “helping” her ever since! This girl was so cock hungry that she literally said hello, then whipped my cock out and started sucking. No introductions necessary for Dar, she just has one thing on her mind and that’s milking a cock for every drop of cum. After giving my member a good tongue lashing, Dar hopped on for a quick pussy pounding. Right as I was about to blow, cum junkie Dar had to remind me in her cute broken English that she wanted it in her mouth and not in her pussy: “you cum in mow!” Ask and you shall receive my horny little cumslut!