Ple, Bangkok, 18 years old [Jun 25, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Say hello to this week's Asian Suck Dolls model, 18 year old cocksucker Ple. So I paid a visit to one of my favorite Bangkok blowjob bars and right when I entered spotted tiny fuck toy Ple sitting all by her lonesome twirling a tootsie pop in her mouth. 18 year old Thai girl, alone, sucker in mouth...you know what that means!! I took this petite Asian slut back to my room so I could get that sweet brown ass on camera. Ple was naturally shy to start, but like 99% of the girls I shoot, are comfortable once they have a hard cock staring them eye to eye. Ple took control of my trouser snake and twirled it in her mouth like it was candy. Ahh this girls mouth was like a good ol' slice of heaven! A short while later 18 year old Bangkok whore was gargling my cum and counting exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a foreign cock! Join now to see more of 18 year old Ple!