Rin, Pattaya, 21 years old [Sep 23, 2018] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Who’s the lucky Thai girl to get a creaming today? Her name is Rin and this 21 year old Thai whore from Pattaya is just hurtin for a squirtin! Okay I'm convinced. There HAS to be some sort of blowjob bootcamp somewhere in Thailand. I mean where else do these Thai girls learn to suck cock like this?? I met Thai slut Rin on my way to the atm machine, she stopped me and did the whole "cock in mouth" gesture. Hmm a blowjob for 500 baht, how can I say no to that? Spend an hour with Rin and you'll be convinced she's some sort of cock vampire, but instead of blood, she needs cum to survive! Rin isn’t one of the hottest Thai girls I’ve been with, but her cock sucking ability more than makes up for that! This Thai whore loves the cock and cum so much that she wanted me to shoot it all over her face. Ask and you shall receive! Now, off to search for this bootcamp..