Pun, Pattaya, 22 years old [Jan 22, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

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This week’s Asian Suck Dolls model is a hot one! This is 22 year old Pun and she's a showgirl at a GoGo in Pattaya. She likes cash, candy, and cock, and will be on yours like sticky on rice. I must admit that she's got the right attitude for the job. She has a beautiful Badonkadonk (which is a voluptuous ass for the people not up on their current slang) and once it's bent over it begs to be fucked. Thai teen Pun went straight for my dick and shoved it into her mouth for the start of a nice long blowjob. She then stood up and began undressing which revealed her nice big ass and shaved Asian Pussy. I bent her over and stuck my hard pecker between her cheeks and slipped inside her hot pussy. Pun didn't care where I wanted to shoot my cum, so I decided to blast it all over her face and into her waiting mouth. Now she has a sweet tooth for my sperm syrup!