Paen, Bangkok, 24 years old [May 29, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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In Bangkok there are places called "Blowjob Bars" where talented girls lead you away to a private section and give you a humjob for as little as fifteen bucks. Paen just happened to be the girl slobbing my knob when I realized that her looks and skill were made for the camera. She instantly excepted my proposition before I could nut, so I bar fined her out for the evening and took her back to my favorite shorty short time room and finished the job. Some sucky, some fucky and a mouthful of my spunk! This 24 year old is a Picasso with the cock, she is truly an expert at smoking pole. She's so good I've brought her back multiple times. So if you fancy this girl, then you're in luck! Not only can you see her get a facial load, but a messy creampie over at