Ratana, Bangkok, 18 years old [Jun 11, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

Channel: Asian Suck Dolls

This week’s Asian Suck Dolls episode features 18 year old Bangkok Go-Go dancer Ratana. As with most of the Thai girls making their debut here, Ratana is plenty nervous. Yes she dances buck nekked for countless men with no problem but stick a camera in her face and all of a sudden she’s shy...go figure. However its not long before Ratana starts to warm up to the camera..mainly because I’m doing my best to “warm up” that silky smooth Thai pussy with my hands! After Ratana is relaxed and ready to rock and roll, its time to introduce her to the ol’ trouser snake. Turns out a little cock in mouth action is all this “shy” little cum slut needed to let out her wild side! After dipping my cock in her TIGHT Asian pussy, it was time to unload a sperm shower of massive proportions and give Ratana the mouthful of cum that she desires! Ahh nothing to cure stage fright like a mouthful of jism!