Pong, Pattaya, 23 years old [Jul 2, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Ping Pong Pussy! This weeks Asian Suck Doll is a regular performer in the Ping Pong show at one of the more popular gogos in Pattaya. What makes this even more amusing is her name is actually Pong. If you ever make your way to Thailand, be sure to stop by one of the many Gogo bars and watch a ping pong show, its definitely the wild experience. This kinky 23 year old loves stuffing various objects in her snatch and cocks in her mouth. Pong was definitely paying attention during blowjob 101, in fact judging from her oral skills id say she was at the top of her class. This Thai whore doesnt just suck cock, she DEVOURS it. Theres a reason I didn't shoot this girl for Creampie Thais, the blowjob is too good! Creaming her pussy would have been fun, but theres only one place my cum wants to be today, and thats all over Pongs pretty Asian face.