Bea, Phuket, 22 years old [Jan 1, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

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There must be a pornographic film school somewhere in Thailand. First Beer, then Kip and now Bea. I'm starting to come across more and more girls who seem to have a natural pornstar talent that would make any professional adult actress envious. I mean seriously, these Thai nymphs must be watching skin flicks and learning the craft of sucking and fucking while a mechanical lens captures every detail. 22 year old Bea definitely is a video vixen. She is the type of girl I love to shoot because my only job is to hold the camera steady while she gives me the ultimate sexual performance. She fucked my brains out, then knelt in front of me and waited for me to blast all my cum into her mouth. She then looked directly into the camera, dribbled my oral creampie out over her pornstar lips and down her chin....and that's a wrap!