Mo, Pattaya, 23 years old [Sep 4, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Eeeny Meeny Miny Mo is this week's Asian freak show. Gentlemen, step right up to the amazing fake nipples that are real, or I mean real nipples that are fake. Wait I mean, oh it's so confusing.....booooing!!! This girl has perfect round areolas and perfect perky nipples. They're so pretty that they look like they've been glued on. Mo is already a sexy looking girl, but when she took off her shirt and exposed her ripe melons and brown buds, I nearly came in my pants. Mo has some amazingly large tits for a Thai girl and you know what, that’s fine by me! Tits are the only area where its okay to be larger than average! She showed how horny she was by licking my ball sac like a cone of cotton candy. Then she took a ride on my cock as I held onto her diamond cutters. This must have been the main attraction as she fucked me, sucked me, and took my load in her mouth.