Joon, Pattaya, 20 years old [Jul 31, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Joon is this week's cutie with a booty. She is 20 years old and works in a sex massage place. If you haven't been to one, I definitely encourage you to spend the $40 and experience a young Thai girl washing your whole body in a bath together, then you move to an inflatable mattress outside the tub and she suds you down with warm soapy bubbles. She then climbs on top of you naked and begins massaging your body with hers. She flips you over and that's when you puncture a hole in the mattress with your boner. Afterwards she fucks you on the nearby bed. Well I didn't film any of that craziness, but I did invite Joon to my place the next day to do some fuckin. Oh and did I mention this soapy superstar swallows too. Joon is so good I brought her back again in a hot threesome ( which you can also see on this site ). Keep your eyes out for more Joon!