Joon, Pattaya, 20 years old [Oct 9, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

Channel: Asian Suck Dolls

Hottest Asian Suck Dolls episode to date? Ding Ding Ding we’ve got a winner! Joon and Mo, two former Asian Suck Dolls, join forces…on my cock! What do you want in the world more than anything? How about two naked girls in your room, in your bed, fucking umm naked! Yeah, no need to buy flowers, create small talk, or deal with unfastening a bra. They're aaaalllllready Naked! So what would you stud muffins do in this fantasy situation? It doesn't matter because I did it for you. Mo & Joon were eager to get the 'double dip' treatment and I was happy to oblige. First a little tag team sucking on my cock and balls, then it was time to bury my cock into there silky hairless pussies. Finally I showered both their lips and tongues with my cum and they kissed. Ahhh how sweet! Now get dressed! Seriously fellas this may in fact be one of the hottest scenes I have EVER shot.