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WHEN WE SAY SPILL, WE MEAN IT. WHAT STARTS AS A BACKSEAT FUCK, ENDS ALL OVER HER FACE AND TITS IN BED! Welcome back, everyone, for another intimate adventure in Bangkok. This time, we have something quite interesting to show you. Our friend Mario presented us all with another lil’ hussy that we are sure you will want to watch. Taken off the beaten path and into the belly of the beast, we are treated to a classic style pickup that soon gets us out of the ordinary venues like kush hotel rooms, white-friendly villas, and tourist traps. Starting off, Mario quickly finds a willing suspect and simple points the camera at her, asks her to come for a drive in a Tuk Tuk and they are soon off to do just that – and to enjoy a wet and wild backseat fuck at the driver’s pad. Read More ...Read Less Backed into a little Tuk garage rental-type-place with indoor parking and a small sleeping room, she quickly puts her mouth to work popping the veins of his cock with the back of her throat. With the skill of the tongue and sheer excitement of doing something so damn seedy in front of a rolling video camera. Soon pulling her top off, we discover that this bitch is in fact augmented with huge fake tits, and with such a big dick in her mouth, one even could argue she was enthralled by the idea of possibly getting caught in a backseat fuck with Mr Tall White and Handsum here. Soon ready to see what else could pop the veins in his cock, she throws a condom at him, takes out her deeply wet ready pussy and offers it up for a steamy backseat fuck. Daisy ain’t no flower, she’s a full-on fuck beast! Taking her pussy from outside the Tuk and her business and hanging out from the Tuk floor before escaping to the room for a romp of champions. Watch as her pussy gets put through the paces of a dick that it’s never had the experience (or physical depth, as you’ll see) of manhandling before. She finally takes his pulsing rod between those chesticular globes of joy and offers up her face and chest for an artistic rendition of undercooked poached egg whites on brown rice. Until next time guys – stay happy, stay horny and lets hope the driver wiped down for the next fare.