Petite Thai Ball Drainer Gets All The Cream - TukTuk Patrol

Channel: TukTuk Patrol

PETITE THAI BALL DRAINER MAKES A GROWN MAN WEAK AT THE KNEES! If that petite Thai ass of hers don’t hook you in, the cowgirl action sure will! Read More ...Read Less On the prowl in our now infamous 3-wheeler Tuk Tuk. Lots of girls around looking to hookup. Spied a couple of really cute ones but not all hunts end successfully. Later I noticed a cutie in tight black jeans. The energy with this one was immediately noticeable. She was definitely dancing to a tune in a little world of her own. Smiling ear to ear I engaged my prey and seized this opportunity to give her little world a rockin’. Yeah this Petite Thai Ball Drainer Gets All The Cream tonight! One short Tuk Tuk ride later and this young beauty was back in my hotel room. Loved to pose for pictures too which is a bonus. Cute braces, pretty smile and a petite physique. Once this girl playfully disrobes for her new best friend we get a real treat! Check out that baby-phat beauty in form of delicious light near-perfect skin. And a pillowy-soft little perky bubble butt that loves attention. Cream was aptly named for sure! A Petite Thai Ball Drainer. I gave her a real proper fucking. But this cowgirl-loving teen rode me even harder and drained every ounce of my manhood. It’s enough to make a grown man weak in the knees … but still want more 🙂