Taew, Bangkok, 20 years old [Aug 21, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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This Asian Suck Dolls episode is special. Remember the movie 'Coyote Ugly'? Well the movie was a big hit in the land of smiles especially for bar and pub owners. A lot of establishments started recruiting sexy Bangkok girls to dress in Daisy Duke booty shorts with short halter tops and dance up on the bars and speakers. Normally these babes represent the elite class of bar girl since they get top salary and don't have to take any clothes off. However, I did find one diamond in the ruff and her name is Teaw. She has to be one of the prettiest girls in Thailand. Pay attention boys because you're about to see the most amazing coyote dancer suck, fuck, and swallow my entire load in one gulp. The sexual force is strong with this one! Peep the video for all the exclusive porn action. You won't see this girl anywhere else on the net.