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There are many places to find sex in Bangkok. It all depends on your mood, the time, and of course your wallet. I myself like to find the quick, easy, and cheap whores because it all feels the same on the inside! There are actually some really cute girls wandering the streets of Bangkok which is where I found 21 year old Nim. I smiled, she smiled and then she placed her hand in mine and we were off. Back at my hotel, Nim gave me a quick glance at her sweet Asian titties, round brown ass, and perfectly shaved Asian pussy before pulling out my cock and giving me a nice humjob. The blowjob force is strong with this one! I then fucked this tight Asian teen in a couple different positions and finally painted her young face with all my sperm. This is one cumshot you HAVE to see. Nim’s cumshot face is one for the ages. Its safe to say she wasn’t expecting such a huge load.