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36975 - INNOCENT LOOKING THAI TEEN CUTIE WITH BRACES EAGER FOR WHITE COCK Welcome back guys and gals! This time, John had a girl lined up once again for your viewing pleasure. Remember Young Asian MILF Milk? Read More ...Read Less She had setup a date with a girl named Fa for John and best part is, the girl was going to pick him up in the Tuktuk. Holy role-reversal there batman. After getting picked up by his pussy-delivery, they went out to meet with Milk to have a bite to eat. This gave them a chance to get to know each other a bit alone first, even if very little was said. This Thai teen cutie turned out to be a good choice so far for John. Milk knows him well. Braces, sexy legs, cute smile and an adorable ora about her. Very beautiful. Once alone in the bedroom and posing for the camera, we found out that Fa is a mere fresh 18 years old! Carefully disrobing this Thai teen cutie, we also learn that she came wearing a sexy black bikini beneath her ensemble. Also, just as we all hoped, a soft and delicate pussy that was just begging to be pleasured. I’d almost bet this is her very first times doing anything like this and definitely her first time with a foreigner.  This was certainly more than evident with the willingness to show off her sexy, but still slightly shy body. And also by the extra time she took adoring his cock later on.

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Download this from TukTuk Patrol