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lookin’ lil damsel fingering the holes in her jeans beside them and decided to start their hunt there. Seems like a sign of sexual frustration, to us. Good call. With a face that pretty, one can’t help but want to give this cute Asian facial after facials, that’s for sure. Mint has that youthful and jubilant look about her and could easily be confused with an 18 year old asian teen. Delicious. She’s a girl lookin’ for fun and is sporting nice big soft lips that melt your prostate. Her cute lil’ perky butt will also have you wishing that you could eat off it. This was all obvious at first sight of her. Imagine what we could tell once back at the hotel. Especially when presented with a dick as big as her forearm. Press play and find out for yourselves. We’re sure she’s till smiling about her cute Asian facial experience 🙂


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