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Every man dreams of having a submissive teenager service your cock on demand. Meet 19 year old Wanne! She's the perfect pocket wife. A petite Thai wife you simply keep in your pocket. When you're hungry, you pull her out. When you want your shirt cleaned, you pull her out. When you want to blow your load, you pull her out. So upon the thrill of sliding my cock between her soft wet lips, I accidentally positioned the video camera wrong on it's mount and it crashed to the floor. So here I am rock hard, standing over my damaged equipment. So, what would any good producer do? I wiped away my tears, placed the camera back into position, and stuck my still hard cock back into the Thai girl's tight pussy. I didn't realize until after that the focus feature was broken, but I still felt that the scene was worth keeping. I'll be sure to bring her back and unleash another load of cum across her face.....In Focus!