Pinki, Bangkok, 20 years old [Apr 2, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

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There's literally a million and one ways to get laid in Thailand: Massage parlors, go-go bars, disco's, you name it. Well this Asian Suck Dolls update is truly unique. So im waiting my turn at a salon when 20 year old Thai babe Pinki approaches and asks me if I know of any way to keep her facial complexion smooth. Lucky for her my sperm holds magical facial cleansing properties ( its true ). I invite Pinki over to my place for a free sample. To show her appreciation Pinki gives me a sample of that sweet Thai vag! One look at Pinki's tight pussy and I knew how she got her name: her pussy is so tiny you can barely fit a pinky in it! After fucking that slit pussy every which way, a creamy eruption was unloaded onto Pinki's face. This cute Thai cocksucker went to the spa to get a facial cleansing, but what she got instead was a patented Asian Suck Dolls "skin rejuvenating facial".