Indyah, Pattaya, 21 years old [Apr 23, 2017] - Asian Suck Dolls

Channel: Asian Suck Dolls

This week's Asian Suck Dolls episode features a familiar face, her name is Indyah and she is a 100% certifiable cockaholic. 21 year old Indyah is half Thai / Indian and is one of the horniest Thai girls I've ever met! So Indyah called me up the other day and said she needed help ... she couldn't stop sucking cock! So how do you help a girl who has trouble staying away from the cock?? Give her more cock lol. Okay I admit it's not exactly the most sound treatment, but it helped me out a lot! A few minutes into our conversation and Indyah gives in to temptation. When you look down at this beauty as she's slurping on your sack and swallowing your bone, you just can't help but feel grateful for such a performance. I bounce this Thai Slut around my dong for a bit and before I know it, im ready to explode. So I position my cock into her gaping mouth and deliver a massive facial load all over her pretty face!