Gik, Bangkok, 18 years old [Aug 28, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Check out the body on this mischievous looking Thai girl. Her name is Gik (geek) which in 'ho' talk means someone who gives money each month or takes care of them. We normally call this a sponsor. Some girls can have as many as 10 giks depending on their skills and ability to conjure up new stories. And let's face it, with Gik's cute look and tiny Asian body, you'd be sending the checks too. Her many tattoos gives off the impression that she's a hard girl, but she's actually quite nice and very submissive. I can fuck this petite Thai girl in any position and she just subdues to the pussy pounding. But with my thrusting engine winding down and my balls ready to burst, I pushed Gik to the floor and prepared her for a semen splash across her mouth, face, and chin. I emptied a gallon of jizz and she took it just as an Asian Suck Doll should.