Bin, Phuket, 22 years old [May 22, 2016] - Asian Suck Dolls

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Asian Suck Dolls welcomes Bin, a 22 year old sex kitten from Phuket. I hadn’t blown a load in over 8 hrs so I was on the prowl to find the perect cum receptacle. I walk by Bin who throws me a naughty wink, I see opportunity so I pounce on it. A few minutes of small talk and Bin is back at my room. Score! Ok, so the submissive little fuck toys are great and all, but sometimes I'm in the mood for a more aggressive Asian twat who knows how to tickle a man's fancy and of course gulp down his big load. Bin just so happens to be that, shy on the outside - I wanna swallow your cum on the inside, kinda girl. It's a cute interview then off to the races and she practically attacks me on video struggling to release my cock so she can show me she's here for one thing and one thing only....to drink the salty spunk from my prickly prick.