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WATCH A SKINNY ASIAN GIRL GET FUCKED DEEP IN HER FACTORY-PERFECT SUPER SKINNY PUSSY! Dear Diary – Went to the bars to look at getting yet another skinny Asian girl fucked on camera. Unfortunately, I found none to shoot. I then took my bike to go home and when I passed a skinny and lonely-looking girl walking a desolate street, I decided to pull over. It turned out to be a good decision. The girl’s name is Dew she was just walking back home after work at the factory. Read More ...Read Less Dew seemed to work at a little jeans factory near here where she has to sew jeans pieces together. She was 20 and never worked in a bar, as she was not allowed to by her father. But after some talking, she agreed to go to my place to make some pictures and video of this skinny Asian girl fucked hard… I honestly love these types of hardworking factory girls from the provinces. Makes me super-excited! You could see that she never did this before and that made it all even more exciting and horny. If this skinny Asian girl fucked for a living at any number of these bars… she’d be set. She only fucked 2 local boys before so I definitely creampied her before sending her back on her way home again. I did decide to give her a ride, though, so that she could not be too late. She asked me to stop 200 meters from her house, though, as she was afraid that her father would see me, haha! Anyways, maybe this was the last skinny Asian girl fucked on this Pattaya trip – or any girlf or that matter. I am going back to Bangkok after New Years. Tomorrow, I plan to stay in my room to do some research before heading to the fireworks at Pattaya Beach.