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CREAMPIED HER AGAIN BUT THIS SHY ASIAN GIRL STILL WANTED TO STAY ANON! Dear Diary – I went back to the gogos in LK late last night and found shy Asian girl Pong there again. As her petite teen pussy was kind of popular here, even without showing her face, I tried to convince her again to do a proper shoot and she agreed. So, I took her to my place. But again, the same as what happened last time… in the middle of the shoot, she changed her mind again. I could shoot, as long as I did not show her face. Damn, I felt like I was scammed by her. Read More ...Read Less Maybe it was just a way of getting what she wanted, knowing that she could still change her mind once everything was in motion. Anyways, I fucked and creampied her as I was really horny. My type of girl, despite being such a shy Asian girl. This was the last time, though – for sure. Damn it.