Christmas day flight and another gift for you! - Asian Sex Diary

Kam, Tik
Channel: Asian Sex Diary

Dear Diary - I had a great Christmas Eve with my ex. I fucked her 4 times. I was exhausted. Pity she didn’t like me to film her… in fact she knows about everything I am doing here. I woke up at 1pm and then had to run to the airport. Back to Angeles! This is my first time flying during Christmas. It was fun! This Filipino airline was doing some games, singing songs and giving gifts (A stupid angry birds pen!! But I appreciated it). Read More ...Read Less Upon landing in Angeles, I immediately went to my hotel and sent messages to all the girls I have. I wanted to be Santa for a day so I sent this message to around 50 numbers: “Honey, I am back in AC…I have a big gift if you bring me one friend tomorrow” …. and I promised myself that I would meet with the girl who responded first. By the way, I added some extra unseen images from Tik & Kam to this episode. I am in the mood for gifts 😉