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WATCH ME FILL THIS PERFECT BLONDE MISTRESS FOR CHRISTMAS WITH MY DICK-BATTER! Dear Diary – I had my date with a hot blonde mistress, Very, today. She’s a Hungarian personal fitness trainer. Wow. We met in a little Thai restaurant but she arrived 30 minutes late. Once the girl arrived, all my worries about being stood up went away and this girl even came with a plan! She was all smiles and super easy-going. She even took her birth-control pill right in front of me, while we were eating. This was almost like saying “FUCK ME!” From then on, I knew that this was going to happen. I got my mistress for Christmas, guys! ...Read Less SHE TOOK HER ‘PILL’ RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME First, I found a good excuse to bring her to my hotel. I told her that I forgot something there. Then, I simply started to take a few pics and that’s how it escalated to a good horny and easy fuck – with creampie – for my blonde Christmas mistress! What a great girl this perfect blonde mistress turned out to be! Vera Wonder has perfect boobs, a skinny, petite and tight body as well as a nicely shaven pussy. What more do you want in a mistress for Christmas? You can see how cock-hungry she was from the moment she started to suck my dick. Anyways, she asked to meet again, this week, before heading back to Hungary. That means we still have 5 days. She leaves on the second of January. Always welcome this slut!