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Dear Diary - As I promised yesterday, I did check out the bars here. Nice little corner with 10 bars and some cute girls. Mostly MILFs. I talked with a few. A younger girl I wanted to take did not like to be filmed. Another one, a very skinny 27yo did not mind, so I took her. As I am staying in a family type hotel, I asked her if she knew of a short-time room. Instead, she invited me to her place. That was even better! I am always curious to see how they live. Read More ...Read Less Got a good treatment, I must say. Nice body she had. Pity that insisted on the condom… but Good after all. Then, back to my hotel because I got a message from Mutmee saying that she would come over at night and sleep over. That sounded like a perfect idea, to me. See you tomorrow, likely with a good morning fuck!