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go, simply from her looks and behavior. But… I just went straight for an attempt to seduce her into an unfolding real life surprise sex hookup here on my diary. I simply asked to sit at her table while so many places around us were empty. Just look at her reaction, guys. ...Read Less THIS HOT YOUNG MOM WAS CLEARLY CONFUSED BUT SUPER SATISFIED IN THE END She was speechless and clearly confused but I kept the focus on charming her and playing the nice guy. Her English was very bad so we had to talk with a translator. But slowly, I started to feel that there was some potential there, especially when she allowed me to take pictures. So, I took it to the next level and invited her for some more pics in my room where some real life surprise sex magic could happen. I was totally surprised by her agreeable nature. Just to understand, this girl named Fern, a 25yo, is a girl who actually works in a bank! No tattoos, just a very average simple young mom next door who was having her breakfast! And I fucking did it! Once in my room, I started to flirt more and expected nothing at all but she did kiss me when I asked, so I slowly started to touch her to a point where she got so horny that the following was just a piece of cake! She sucked my dick and got fucked like a real slut! Damn! Another real life surprise sex episode for the history books if you ask me. Great fuck with creampie. She then hurried home as she had to see a friend, she said… but she was probably still wondering what the fuck just happened hahahah! Anyways, I got her number… we will see if she will contact me again.

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