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36104 - Dear Diary – I went to Patpong and ended up in a nice small bar tonight. Talked to a few girls (’cause you know - man got game and gotta hunt!) until suddenly… Jubjang’s tiny asian ass hopped up on the stage. My God! That has been such a long time since I’ve last seen her! First, she was blaming me (from the stage in front of everyone, I must add!) for having been away so long and now drinking with another girl. Busted bahaha! You can see it from 2:30 on the video. She then came to sit with me for 5 minutes but she was already with another guy. Ok for her but not for me? haha. She plays the game well. Too bad. My God, I would have loved to fuck her tonight. I asked about the coming days but she was very vague about it. She probably has a new bar BF. Luckily, my Japanese pussy slut is coming back tomorrow to appease that pain - and my mounting sperm pressure 😉

Download this video from Asian Sex Diary
Download this from Asian Sex Diary