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38227 - IF YOU LOVE DARK SKIN THAI BABES, YOU MUST TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR THE FUCK VIDEO! Dear Diary – Some days are just magical… you wake up without any expectations, you go to the mall and 20 minutes later you are fucking a Thai model that you just met in the grocery store… Yes, it was just that kind of day today. I was just going for breakfast and saw a dark skin Thai girl with an amazing ass walking alone. Followed her a little, checked what she was doing and when I saw that she was not in a hurry, I decided to make a move. Many tattoos on her body that helped me as well to know that this might be a barslut. She turned out to be very easygoing and a model. ...Read Less Her name is Wan, a 21-year-old beauty from outside of Bangkok, now here for some showgirl stuff, she said. I invited her for a coffee at Starbucks and from there on, we had the opportunity to talk more. She was fast to call me a sweet-mouth guy but she also clearly loved the vibe between us. So, I invited her for some more pics in my room… and damn, man… magic! This dark skin Thai girl was so fucking hot, I just couldn’t resist touching and kissing her… and yes, she loved it. I had to cut this episode into two parts as it was just too long. I took so many videos and pictures of this hot dark skin Thai. So, guys, tune in for tomorrow’s fuck-part! Just sign up for a membership now so you get access right to the full 41+ minute action-packed creampie video tomorrow! And until then, browse 1400+ hardcore videos featuring over 800 unique Asian girls getting naked and fucked. Not just this dark skin Thai, either. There’s many more in all shades of Asian!

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Download this from Asian Sex Diary